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From London to Liverpool, New York to Liverpool, Bristol to Birmingham ... accents and dialects are an essential part of the actor's toolbox. Many actors like to listen and copy in order to learn accents, which is ok if it works, but there is a more secure way to acquire an accent: Phonetics. Phonetics is a science of sound, it analyses how we make sound and details each precise aspect of an accent in order to act with authenticity, security and professional standards.

On day one we will examine the International Phonetic Alphabet, discover how we make vowel and consonant sounds, pitch changes, stress patterning and all aspects of a dialect. We also work on Standard British English (RP) and General American. You will also choose a dialect to study for the week and get all the material needed to perfect the dialect. On day two we will work on your specific dialect and look at other commercial dialects. 

You will also get a copy of Gary's book: Acting With Accents: Received Pronunciation (RP).

Tutor : Gary Owston.

Location:  The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School - Downside Road, Bristol, BS8 2XF

Date & time: Two consecutive Saturdays on 10th & 17th February 2018; 10 - 5

Fee:  £85 for the two whole days.

Cheques should be made payable to Gary Owston and posted to 65 Trymside, Bristol, BS9 2HD.

or pay via BACS  (please request details in the 'comments' box on your application form)