​​​​​​​Bristol Acting Academy




Bristol Acting Academy Locations. 

The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. This is the main teaching location. 

This is a world famous drama school located in the Clifton Downs area of Bristol. It has spacious rehearsal rooms and excellent facilities. www.oldvic.ac.uk

The Engineers' House.

Also located in the Clifton Downs area of Bristol. This is a beautiful Grade II listed building. www.effvenues.co.uk 

The Wickham  Theatre.

Part of the famous Bristol University Theatre Department. It has a theatre seating 105 people and spacious rehearsal rooms and facilities. www.bristol.ac.uk/drama/theatre

Christchurch Studios.

This is an ex BBC Radio & Broadcasting Studio in Clifton Village. It has first class facilities, sound stages and equipment. www.christchurchstudios.com

The Hen & Chickens Theatre.

A pub venue used for the TV workshops. www.henandchicken.com

The Alma Tavern.

A pub theatre in Clifton that has a 60 seater theatre space upstairs. www.almatavernandtheatre.co.uk