The part time Performance Course is for those who have had some training and/or performance experience and would like to enhance their skills. At the end of the year you will be part of a professional company in a production for a paying audience. We have some of the finest teachers and dirctors in the area and our standards are extremely high. 


The focus is on honing your existing skills and aiming to present you as a bona fide actor. There is a strong ethos of professionalism. Consequently there is an understanding that you will invest and commit to this vocationally structured course. 

Classes include:

Acting: At the start of the course you will study a scene from a contemporary play in order to sharpen up your skills. 

Voice & Movement: Studying how body and voice work together to form a believable character.

Improvisation: This helps us to focus on spontaneity & responsivity; it helps us to perform 'in the moment' and reminds us that character and story are created not just by the words an actor delivers but by everything they do when performing. Improvisation is also playful, creative and extremely good fun.

Vocal Stagecraft: Every word that an actor delivers must be heard and understood by every member of the audience. These classes work on the skill, techniques and practice of delivering text clearly. 


All tutors on the course are highly skilled & experienced industry professionals. 

Location:  The Bristol School of Acting, Silver Street, Bristol, BS1 2AG.

Dates & Times

The course runs from early October to June. There are 3 terms 3 X 8 weeks. We meet on Monday evenings 7.30 - 9.30.There are 2 Saturdays per term 2 - 6. In the weeks prior to performance there are more concentrated rehearsals. As this is a professional endevour maximum attendance is expected from all actors.  


£1,100. This course does not attract any funding. Students are expected to pay the fees in advance and also to provide for their living expences. Refunds are awarded only in very exceptional circumstances and at the discression of the management. 


If you have previously graduated from The Bristol Acting Academy Showcase Course you don't need to audition. Other applicants will need to audition. You will be asked to perform 2 contrasting pieces lasting not longer than 2 minutes. One should be from a Shakespeare play, the other from a modern play written after 1960. The audition fee is £25. 



“I have since gone on to complete a masters in acting, and can confidently say the showcase course with Bristol Acting Academy is the most important training I have ever had. Whether you’re just starting out, or are looking for something to sharpen the tools, this course taught by Gary Owston is perfect, with constant tasks to work towards, gaining experience in classic and contemporary work, stage and screen, voiceover, musical theatre etc, this course was honestly priceless for my progression”

Oliver Kensit